Let’s start at the very beginning…

…A very good place to start.

When you read, you begin with A,B,C.

When you sing, you begin with Do, Re, Mi..

When you upcycle pallets you begin with scrub, saw, sand!

When I go pallet hunting, I sometimes (but not always) have an idea of what I’m looking for, although I’m very easily lured by lovely looking pallets which have nothing to do with what I’m looking for! Thank God they’re free!! They’re often covered in spider webs, dirt, dust, cement, sometimes burned, and even sometimes have tar on them. But it’s ok! A trusty dry scrub down with a washing up brush and/or a toothbrush soon fix some of that, but the real magic happens when I put my sander on the wood.


I like to build tIMG_1069he item I’m making before I sand, so that I can make sure edges are smooth in the right places, so I always sand the finished product. What I love about this work is that each piece of wood has it’s own finger print, and you never know what character is going to come out when you put the sander on the wood. It’s totally covered up, supposedly spoiled, but it’s there, You just have to search for it. The sense of excitement  and anticipation that comes in those first few seconds when you put tIMG_1086he sander onto the wood, and the type of wood beneath is revealed, is a real thrill for me! Is it a dark wood? a rose wood? a pine?


I love restoration. Restoration is a beautiful thing, something that was once lost, but has been found again. I love the phrase ‘pre-loved’ – It just speaks joy to me, that something can have a second chance, a chance to be fashioned into something new, something better, and something useful.


People are like Pallets


I wish I could write about how I’m doing something different to all the millions of pinners out there who are posting their millions of pins on pinterest.. but I’m not. I’m just another one….. BUT

……What I do hope is different, is me.

Something that I pride myself in is that I LOVE to find the beauty in the junk, in the waste, in the rubbish heap. When I see a building site, yes, I see dirt, I see rusty nails and ER trips for my kids needing emergency tetanus boosters, and all the dangers of building equipment… BUT.. I also see hundreds of  ideas, art, furniture, and most of all, I see potential.

Every time I take a pallet, and get my wonderful sander on it, i have this incredible sense of anticipation! I never know what kind of wood is under that dirt, those stains, that cement, that weather.. and every time I’m blown away by the beauty that is revealed from a small amount of TLC. The grain, the colours, the rich textures.. all from a corner of a building site where it had been discarded, thrown away, and finished with.

People are like pallets. We’re all just covered in dirt, stained, got stuff stuck to us from things we’ve been through, and have definitely been weathered by plenty of storms. I like to thing it’s possible to look at people the same way I look at pallets. To find the beauty, to see the potential, and to always be prepared to give a bit of TLC and for the beauty to be revealed.